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ABOUT Clear and Simple Media

Clear and Simple Media is a ministry that seeks to help as many people as possible understand the Bible. To reach this goal, they write books and tell stories in Simple English, a subset of English that uses a set list of basic words. This method allows anyone who has a basic grasp of English, including English language learners, to be able to read the materials they create. In their books, CSM breaks down complex biblical truths into easily understandable language so that they can be shared with people across the globe.


CSM is a long-time client who we have been able to work on many projects with. In this case, they came to us to design a book that would expand on simple questions and answers about the Bible and God. With accessibility as our top priority, we worked hard to create a layout for the book that not only caught the reader’s eye but was also easy to navigate and understand. To achieve this goal, we included a straightforward table of contents and utilized clear and simple typography throughout the book.

Book Design