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First Baptist Church Martin Logo Design

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RVC is a family-owned construction company based in Winchester, TN. Established in 1973, RVC is a staple in the community known for its commitment to quality, craftmanship, and customer service. We partnered with RVC to refresh every aspect of their brand, from website design to team apparel.


RVC came to our team looking to bring new life to their logo and website. After getting to know the company and gaining insight into their goals for their business, we determined the best path forward was a top-to-bottom reimagining of their brand. From establishing a clear identity for the company with visual style and a new logo to creating print and digital assets that allow them to tell the world who they are, our team worked with RVC to build their brand and better reflect the caliber of quality and skill they bring to their construction projects.


Brand development played a central role in our partnership with RVC. We started with understanding their target audience, their company culture, and their work to pull together a tone and style that best represented their identity as a hometown business with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. To emphasize this focus, we chose to let RVC’s work speak for itself, centering each element of the branding around photography of their stunning, detailed builds.

With the photography as the centerpiece, the color palette evolved naturally. Earthy shades of gray serve as a neutral backdrop, while gold accents offer subtle highlights, allowing the organic tones and textures of the builds to shine.

The simple and clean typography, which appears in the new logo and across print and digital assets, provides a feel that is both classic and inviting, speaking to RVC’s ethos as a long-standing pillar of the community and reputation for excellence.

These elements are illustrated in the updated website, which prominently features photography that showcases the RVC team and their completed projects.

To help RVC carry their fresh branding into every aspect of their business, we also created print deliverables utilizing their new color scheme, typography, and logo, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and apparel. To elevate the paper products to align with the high-end feel of the branding, we created them using heavy stocked paper that perfectly matched the color scheme.

Through our partnership with RVC, our team was able to reimagine and expand their brand and provide them with well-designed materials that reflect the high-quality nature of their work.

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First Baptist Church Martin Logo Design

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