Brochure Design


Psynetix is a locally based behavioral intelligence company working in the public safety, educational, and homeland security sectors. Their key development is their SIREN program, a software that allows mental health providers and public safety officers in schools to identify students of concern based on behavioral trends. By analyzing countless data points, SIREN is able to alert schools to at-risk students, giving school officials the opportunity to proactively intervene and offer help to students before tragedy strikes.


Psynetix came to our team to develop a new brochure for their SIREN software that would capture the attention of decision makers in schools and the government. With this goal in mind, we chose graphics and typography that allowed readers to easily navigate information about the technology. Using clean bright colors and breaking down each section to make sure that the content was digestible was key to creating an effective end-product. When it came to printing, we wanted to ensure that the brochure was sleek and eye-catching to help it get into the right hands. To achieve this look, we used high gloss heavy cardstock with a larger 8” x 8” square design.


Psynetix Cover Design Layout. Early Prevention warning system. A high school girl holding her books smiling next to title.Psynetix trifold design inside layout.